Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kate Bush

My wife.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Ruling Class

After the Dawn

Aww fuck. Zoo Tycoon 2 isn't done downloading. What am I supposed to do? Hmm. I guess the ipod is going to get loaded up with metal and we're gonna park our asses down by the river and smoke some weed. Maybe finish watching "The Ruling Class" later. it's, um, funny.

Been listening to:


autopsy - severed survival
autopsy - mental funeral


Tomorrow I am going to wake up around 11 or 12 and do the following things:

brush my teeth
take a shit
roll 3 joints
put clothes on, grab my ray-ban knockoffs, set my ipod to hip hop
walk down to the grocery store and buy a bunch of food
mosey over to the liquor store and buy vodka and bloody mary stuff
once i get to the woods i'm a gonna spark the first fat j and suck down its nectar
after hanging out in the woods and looking at frogs and mushrooms i am going to
listen to modern english and kate bush while playing zoo tycoon 2


Tonight I got stoned in the woods and heard this eerie music coming from somewhere. I couldn't tell where. Was it up by the ski jumps? Down by the viking ship? Emanating from the watchtower? Whatever it was, it scared me.

Then I ate lunchables and drank a coke.